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Mensendieck is help for self-help


I always take my starting point in the individual's challenges and wishes. Whether it is about maintaining the body or about relieving muscle tension, joint and muscle pain. Mensendieck works on several overlapping levels.

In training, we work on three overlapping  levels:

Basic training:

Here you learn to train the individual large muscle groups such as: abdomen, muscles, back, thighs and gluteal muscles.

We investigate whether the muscles are too short, long, tense or relaxed, and we work, among other things. with the length and elasticity of the muscles to find out if they need to be relaxed or stretched, for example.

We start by looking at your posture, as it can usually tell you what we need to work on.

In connection with the muscle training, we also work with the venous pump. The muscles must help the venous pump get the blood back to the heart so that it can be oxygenated again.

In addition, the basic training also deals with breathing exercises.

The breath helps the body to perform to the maximum.

The exercises take place lying down, sitting and standing.

You will be offered a short exercise program that you can use at home and that suits your needs.


Strength training:

Here we go one step further from the basic training and intensify the exercises so that the degree of difficulty increases. These are primarily standing exercises for the whole body with a focus on e.g. to train strength, mobility, elasticity and balance.

Just like in the basic training, we work with the breath by the training taking place at a pace where exercises and breathing go in harmony with each other.


Aesthetic training:

When body and consciousness are strengthened, the training is expanded with aesthetic exercises. Here, the basic and strength exercises are put together with balance exercises and challenging arm movements. The aesthetic exercises are the ultimate in Mensendieck, as they can only be performed with great body awareness, strength, balance and concentration.


Clearing together  up in your body!

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