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Single lessons:  

   DKK. 870.00 per month

Team ( 2 people ):    

  DKK. 700.00 pr. month / person     

Single lesson (1 person - 1 hour):  

    DKK. 450.00

Connective tissue massage

Connective tissue massage of the back and pelvis

(1 person - 1 hour):

    DKK. 450.00   

Pricey and practical  prerequisites

Monthly prepayment on the first teaching day of the month.
Prices are calculated according to an annual average, taking into account holidays, public holidays and odd number of lessons per. month.

Bring a large towel.

Please notify of absence as soon as possible. Neglected lessons are not replaced, however, if the teacher cancels, the missed lessons will be replaced. The season starts on 1 September and holidays are arranged in accordance with the holiday calendar for the schools in Fredensborg Municipality.

Withdrawal must be made with one month's notice.

Book an appointment:

It is only possible to get an appointment with a prior appointment. Most times of the day are usually booked, so please book an appointment so you do not have to go in vain. THANKS!

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