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What is Rosenberg technique?

Rosenberg technique is a gentle, comfortable and effective treatment. The therapist seems to barely touch the client and therefore welcomes the body with open arms. Rosenberg technique helps bring joints and muscles back to their basic positions. The effect of this is usually that pain and tension subside without the body's joints and muscles being exposed to injury.


Rosenberg technology:

  • Is gentle connective tissue massage / relaxation.

  • Makes it possible to work in depth with the body.

  • Works gently with the nervous system, muscles and connective tissue.

Connective tissue massage increases the fluid and elasticity of the tissue (eg by scar tissue in the skin) and usually has an effect on:

  • headache / migraine–

  • restlessness in the legs / cramps / heavy legs

  • back, sciatica or low back pain

  • fluid retention (eg swollen legs)

  • muscle tension, especially in the shoulders / neck

  • digestive problems / bloated stomach.

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