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What is Mensendieck?

The gymnastics system is named after Dr. Bess Mensendieck, who in the early 1900s created this ingenious form of gymnastics. Ingenious - precisely because it can be used / performed by anyone - young or older man, woman or children.

Mensendieck is about training his brain to direct the body correctly, so that everyday movements become training that builds up and does not wear on the body's functions.

Mensendieck teaches the student to control his muscles and use his joints appropriately. Gradually a better posture is achieved and thus many small defects are avoided. It provides well-being and promotes muscle awareness in daily movements and is a means of achieving strength and endurance.

The goal is a supple, harmonious and well-functioning body.


Anyone can join. No equipment or special conditions are required here. The teaching takes place in small groups or as one-on-one lessons, so that the individual's challenges are taken into account.

No heavy tools are used, but only the strength in one's own body, which means that the body is not unnecessarily or incorrectly loaded.

Dr. Bess Mensendieck

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